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Our executive team has over 50 years of experience in the customer support industry. One was a founding member of COPC, Inc, where he was a key contributor to the creation of the Customer Service Provider (CSP) and Vendor Management Organization (VMO) standards. Another is the patent holder for centralized call queuing to optimize costs and service levels in a multi-site environment.

Experience has also exposed us to one the biggest challenge of the customer support industry, organizations that relinquish their responsibility to provide quality service and support to their customers. Those organizations view customer support as a necessary evil, not as the foundation to a lasting customer relationship. We think there is a better way: a way to create an environment where people enjoy their work; a way to build an organization that creates a sense of pride in the employees; a way to instill the belief that good work, in the service of the customer, should be revered and honored.

Our way is TruSourcing. A methodology created to nurture collaboration and transparency between Trusource Labs and our clients.


Trusourcing is not about buzzwords, it’s about results.

Trusourcing is our innovative customer engagement model.  It is the real world application of the vested outsourcing theory.

Our Trusourcing model is based on financial and operational transparency.  It ensures clients maintain excellent service performance and that the majority of their fees are paid to the personnel who directly interface with customers.  This is a radical departure from the traditional outsourcing model that traditionally relied on low-cost labor and produced poor results.

To accomplish these goals, Trusourcing requires collaboration.  We are not talking about the easy, one-time collaboration that happens at the beginning of a new relationship.  We are referring to ongoing collaboration, at all levels of both organizations, which will extend throughout the life of the relationship.  This requires a strong commitment.  A commitment we will make to you, and a commitment we expect you to make to us.

We ask for this commitment because when employees and organizations openly share expertise, it spurs innovation and leads to the most efficient and effective solutions.  If employees and organizations are working toward a common goal, there is a stronger sense of partnership, and a mutual understanding that both parties are critical to each other’s success. Additionally, when employees are well-trained, empowered to make decisions, and supported by their management, they will provide valuable input that improves the organization and enhances the customer experience.

It is these commitments that enable us to create an environment where our team loves their work, our clients love to do business, and their customers love to connect.  Ultimately, that enables both organizations to build a better business.


Customer Support Services span the entire service delivery chain and include:
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Multi-channel support

  • phone, email, chat, video, and social media networks

Beta product testing and engineering feedback

IT level technical support

Knowledge Base (kBase) article creation and management

Sales support

  • Specialize in complex products and Internet of Things (IoT) devices & applications

Scalable Solutions

  • Pilot programs
  • Product Launch
  • Large-scale deployment

24x365 operations

Enterprise iOS and Mac OS X Support Services
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Trusource Labs is a dedicated iOS and Mac OS X organization.  As such, we are uniquely equipped to accelerate iOS and Mac OS X Platform deployment across your enterprise in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Our multi-channel, enterprise level support includes:

Multi-channel support

  • phone, email, chat, video, and social media networks

Secure Device Management and Inventory Control

  • BYOD and company owned assets
  • Deployment / Configuration
  • Break / Fix services

Training Material Development and Delivery

  • Onsite
  • Virtual Instructor-Led
  • Interactive Web & Video Training
  • Knowledge Base (kBase) article creation and management

Managed Security Solutions

  • Antivirus protection
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Host Intrusion Prevention Systems (HIPS)

Scalable Solutions

  • Pilot programs to large-scale deployments
  • Platform Launch
  • Product Transitions



TruSource Labs provides outsourced end-user support for Internet of Things (IoT) companies, including its first customer, Nest. The company, based in Austin, Texas, also works with Plum and Canary among others, offering customer support in the US, UK and Canada.   READ MORE


SPOT BPO™ becomes Trusource Labs® and embraces innovative outsourcing methodology.

January 28, 2015, AUSTIN, TX — SPOT BPO LLC announced today that it will operate under the name Trusource Labs®, effective immediately.

Trusource Labs will adopt the name of its disruptive methodology, which is the practical application of the vested outsourcing theory. Developed in close collaboration with their inaugural client, the leading provider of learning thermostats, Trusource Labs has created a multi-channel customer engagement model that improves both operational efficiency and customer retention for their clients.

“This change to Trusource Labs reflects both our success to date and our continued commitment to this unique and powerful methodology”, said Alton Martin, co-founder and principal. “Trusourcing allows us to create an environment where our team loves their work, our clients love to do business, and their customers love to connect.”

The collaborative nature of the Trusourcing model is based in financial and operational transparency. It ensures clients maintain excellent service performance and the majority of their fees are paid to the personnel who directly interface with customers. This is a radical departure from the traditional outsourcing model that relies on low-cost labor and produces poor results.

Trusource Labs has experienced rapid growth and a series of recent client acquisitions. They are currently hiring for a range of positions and applications can be submitted at www.trusourcelabs.com

About Trusource Labs
Trusource Labs provides multi-channel contact center support and a full-suite of enterprise IT services using the proprietary Trusourcing methodology. Trusourcing is an outsourcing approach that incorporates collaboration and teamwork to create operational and financial transparency between the supplier and the client. Trusource Labs management principals have deep experience in global contact center operations, outsourcing, and comprehensive client solutions. For more information, visit www.trusourcelabs.com or call (512) 487-7103.


Engagement Specialist

Our client is an established online service used by hundreds of millions of people throughout the world. Our users mean a lot to us, and giving them the highest quality experience is our main priority. You’ll simplify our users’ lives by providing amazing service and finding creative solutions to their needs.

We’re looking for the best of the best to help start our team. We hope that’s you!



Tier 1 Technical Support Agent (Part-Time)

As a Technical Support Agent, you will provide exceptional customer support while handling questions via the telephone and email, addressing both hardware and software related issues on the world’s leading thermostat.



Don’t see an opening that best fits your skills. Send us your resume anyways!

Our company is growing very quickly and we are always looking for talented individuals to join our team! If you are interested in a position with our company, please send us your resume. As we expand, we will be looking for the best of the best to join our Technical Support, Operations, Management, Finance & Accounting, IT, Human Resources, and Office Administration teams!


 512.487.7103 ext. 3

We Rock!

Thanks to Jacqueline and Bobby, who both represent the best of your company, I would have no reservations recommending  your products to everyone. Both of them turned a frustrating and anxiety ridden day into a pleasant one. It's a pleasure doing business with a business that stands behind its product.  --Del Ray Beach Florida

All I can say is Leena is a damn good support agent. She empowered me with a work around and commitment to get *real* answers.  -- Kudos from the Twitterverse

I wanted to take a moment to email you back and acknowledge what great  customer support I received today!This was the best support I have received in a long, long time - possibly ever.

 The system of emailing visual images and a visual response is genius!  Under normal circumstances I would return the product. Because of this spectacular customer support, I will hire a professional installer to see if they can help.  Kudos...

 Decent customer support is unfortunately very unusual, and GREAT customer support is a total rarity. But Kent really delivered.

Thanks again for your help this morning. I definitely appreciate the fact that I can call on a Sunday morning (not to mention so close to the holidays) and speak to a live and friendly person who can actually help me resolve my issue.

I'm writing about the excellent support I received this morning from Rafael. I had a complex issue (ultimately determined to be a bad contact for a single wire) and Rafael was patient, professional and very skilled. It took some time to properly diagnose and isolate this problem which prevented our furnace from operating. Not only did Rafael trouble shoot it, but he also creatively came up with a temporary fix (until the replacement part arrives tomorrow) that would allow my furnace to work. We had been without heat since yesterday and the chill is gone, thanks to his help.

NaChae is the type of employee very employer dreams of. I manage 150 people. NaChae exemplies a terrific work ethic and conscientious attitude. She was friendly and patient during a frustrating time. Although we could not solve the problem, I felt she was knowledgeable about the system and continued to work through the problem until all avenues were exhausted.

Ok so I retract my statement about the issue not being on my end. Through a representative of yours, Marsell, he was able to determine the issue is on my end. Marsell is a class act. I admit I was at my wits end and ready to unleash on someone when he answered but he kept me calm and through his knowledge and persistence he was able to get me back in business. Marsell saved my sanity and saved my faith in the company. I want to send this guy a christmas present for keeping my family warm. Thank you Marsell!

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